DM-Sarr post # 1

Finally working on my new map, DM-Sarr 😀 My previous post was showing only a room but I’ve decided to use the Spaceship interior environment set to build an entire level.

I’m progressing. So far there is the Link, RL, Shock, 100 armor, UDamage and few medium health & ammos. I don’t have layout in mind. I’m crafting it while playing with those assets, which are very limited btw… As you can see, it’s all about dirty sci-fi assets and I love it! Those are finished areas.


    1. THX 😀

      But I must say that it is very hard to make a complete level with this pack 😦

      Trims, pillars, windows, more deco meshes would be welcome. This pack miss all that!


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