DM-Qu0 final!

It’s the weekend, what a cool day for release a new map 😀 I’m extremely happy to share the final version of DM-Qu0.

So, what’s new for this final? Many things ;

  • Added ambient sounds.
  • Added awesome custom music.
  • Added decals and few pipes.
  • Added preview pic.
  • Added reflection.
  • Made a sci-fi JumPad with custom cue to replace the stock one.
  • Made few material changes here and there.
  • Reduced the map file size from 470 MB to 352 MB. A well appreciated 118 MB reduction without scarifying the visuals 🙂

It’s the first time that I release the final version of my map only 1 week after a RC release. It’s short but I’m happy with the current state. Enjoy!


  1. Hey there Steve, I was too slow to give feed back in RC. I like the map, particularly the amount of strategic depth you added. I just downloaded so will be back with some more comments later.

    Thanks again for blessing us with another master piece =)

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  2. Was finally able to give it a try, and it plays wonderfully with AI. Also, I can’t explain it but it looks better in the game than in your screenshots.

    Once again, thank you !


    1. I’m happy to read this 😀

      For the screenshots, I’m not surprised, when you look at them, you’re looking at live resized, JPG compressed images. If you want to really see the real thing, you must click to see the full picture and only then, you will see the real thing in all its glory 🙂 But indeed, all my maps look better ingame anyway lol.


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