DM-Qu0 RC1 now available!

I’m very happy to release the Release Candidate 1 of Qu0 😀

Since B2 released back in December, I played the map A LOT, like a maniac lol 🙂 After many, many matches… I didn’t count them, I added many new improvements from the original.

First, the goal of RC1 was to get rid of all BSP brushes, having only assets, the final BV and pretty much finalized lighting. Second this is what as been done to add more to the map :

  • Using the lift near the Shock, you can liftjump to land to the UDamage platform AND also land to the Flak level making a combo of liftjumping + wall dodge.
  • From the same lift, you can also land on a small ledge above the medium health. The ledge is small so it only serve to make a surprise attack at the player below , you can’t camp there, it’s on purpose.
  • A small floor as also been added around the same lift, it add some surprise attack possibilities and a chance to hitscan the players at the RL area.
  • A small lift is now replacing the jumpad near the Bio. You can use it to liftjump and land to the UDamage platform.
  • You can do wall dodge or wall run from the Bio to get the UDamage.
  • The floor is now more open above the medium health, the one near the Link. It add more opportunities from the Shock to kill the Flak player (thinking he can camp there…) and also useful when you’re near the Flak with a hitscan weapon to shoot at the Shock area.
  • The small corridor between the Link and Belt as now a section you can walk on crates. It add a cool vertical option
  • A small opening as been made between the LR and the UDamage platform, you’ll see the benefits while playing 😉

So, what’s next?

I’ll try to make the map prettier by adding more details like decals and pipes. The main decals are already there but I’ll add more for sure, small ones here and there.
Will add custom music.
Will add preview pic.
Will add reflection. RC1 don’t have any reflection.
Will make a custom jumpad to replace the stock one.

For feedback, post it here plz, I’m eager to read what you think about it. THX!!


    1. THX bud 😀

      The final will look much better and more, the map file will be smaller 🙂

      After the release of RC1, I added reflection. The map size increased to 518 MB… I added more decals and few pipes, which made the file even bigger AND also include a custom music track.

      Then, I started the optimization process. After my tweaks, the map as shrunk to 350 MB! I don’t think the final map will be bigger than 360 MB since I must add the preview pic and a custom jumpad.

      In all case, the map will look awesome and play well too. So if you already like the visuals, the final will look way much better!


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