DM-Cruel R1 Release!

At last, after putting months & months of work into this level, I can share it with you all 😀 After R1, the next release will be the final and my last map for UT4 in 2020. Head over DM-Cruel page to get all the details and download link 🙂

For feedback, please share your comments here.

If there is no comments, that mean you are not interested, so it will determine if sharing my next maps with you will worth it or not. I’ll decide what I’ll do then in 2021. Continue sharing my maps with only few of you who appreciate them or keep everything for me, you decide!

Note that I’m aware of few things for this release and more work is planned  :

  • I plan to add more BV’s at some spots to help in the movement department. It won’t be realistic but will provide a better flow around some walls.
  • I plan to individually cull as many meshes as possible and also make LODs on the most meshes to obtain more FPS. This will be a long process since the map contain 5 847 meshes!
  • The custom Jumpad is looking really basic in low / mid settings. This is related to optimization for low end GPU’s. Still, I’m open to suggestion to make it look even prettier in Epic mode.
  • The spark particle near the Sniper pickup is passing through the ceiling and can be visible in the GL corridor.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


  1. Thank you for the map, it looks impressive, like a hangar in Cyberpunk 2077 or Star Citizen.

    Performance is good for me (i7 9700K, 32GB RAM, 2080 Ti), all setting epic, 2560 x 1440.

    Bot navigation is also good, no problems here. Overall it looks great, and it plays just as great.

    I have no suggestions at this point, maybe after I play some more.

    Thank you again !

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    1. THX for your nice and constructive feedback Florin 😀

      Performance will be even better with the final. You got a powerful PC but owner of RTX 2080 TI aren’t the most common. So, even if performance is good, it will be better, specially for anyone having a less powerful GPU 🙂

      If you have suggestions after few rounds, don’t hesitate to post them, I’m all ears 😉

      Happy frag’ now!


  2. G’day Steve,

    This is a great duel map! Like the layout a lot.

    Frame rate is good at never dropping below 70fps with a i5 4590 and GTX 1070

    My only comment would be to try and make the lifts a bit more obvious. Other than that, congrats on a great map. Thanks again for blessing us with your skills.

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    1. This post is starting well my day bud 😀

      Yep, I really like the layout too and this is why I wanted to play a map using it in UT4.

      I can see that FPS is very good indeed 🙂

      For the lifts, I already add arrow decals for the final.

      BTW, you don’t check your PM often on Epic forums 😉


  3. Sorry for the late reply but upgrades to systems always need fine tune’n or something’s gonna smell funny. 😉

    Major points have already been pointed out so I’ll just carry on enjoying the map.

    Replays as usual. 🙂

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  4. Ha ha! Yep bud, last thing you want is funny smell 😛

    Only thing so far players have talk about is to make lifts more obvious. With the decal, it’s better indeed.

    I had lots of headache to solve my jumpad problem. In fact in R1, the jumpad is turquoise like. For the final, I wanted to add yellow / orange colors in the effects, it’s really nicer but no matter what I did in the editor, in game, it was staying like in R1, turquoise. I’ve got help on discord to help me look in some direction & I fix the problem today and the final will have the jumpad I had in mind finally 😀

    I plan to release the final next friday, the 18th. Until then, I optimize the map the more I can 🙂


  5. Hey Steve two more suggestions after a few more rounds.

    First purely personal preference; is scraping the grenade cannon. Just me, never got used to that one.

    Secondly making a window from the flack cannon room to the damage amplifier room.

    On that, because the U damage has such a big effect on game play, perhaps setting up a signal when it spawn through out the map. That’s just me, coz I love kismet/blue prints…

    …Enjoying your level

    Over and out =)

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    1. Hey buddy 🙂

      The GL is one of my fav weapon, sorry but it will stay. It is really helpful when the enemy is above you so you just throw a grenade to him and then bye bye 😉 We are not only limited to Shock balls and Flack secondary to do that kind of attack. Imho, it add more to gameplay when the GL is part of the level.

      The windows is a good idea. Therefore, there are some good and not so good aspect about that.

      My Blueprint level of comprehension is “0.1%” lol. Your suggestion is cool, I could make the monitors change color for example when the UDamage spawn. But that is way above my understanding of BP. Just to make the custom jumpad, it was extremely complicated for me, it as been a real headache to make the one you’ll see in the final.

      If you remember DOM-Itarion, (in the features section), I added the kind of features your talking about. But even at the time, the UOF team has helped me a lot! I couldn’t do it without them 😉

      Also, I’m done with the map and my only focus goes to optimizations. THX for the suggestions none the less!

      Happy fraggin’ 😀


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