DM-Valas, post # 2

This week, my UT4 editor time as been mostly put on Valas. I made some small progress on Thaq too. There is only 1 corridor that I need to mesh and R1 (Release 1) will be release. I didn’t get inspiration to finish meshing Cruel yet. But I made progress few weeks ago on the Shock room 🙂

I made 2 rooms in Valas. The first post was the Link Gun room which I made some changes. The pics in this post show the second room (far away room with red light door) and up close, the third room. The second room have health and ammos while the third room is for the Flack and small armor. First pic is without Post-Process and the second with Post-Process. Notice how everything is looking way much sharper, vibrant and define with very nice occlusion and all 😀


    1. THX Mox 😀 Well, since all my maps offer plenty of wall run possibilities and such, for this one, I use another style of meshing, which flying monkeys won’t be able to collect bananas while trying to fly 😛


  1. They all look fantastic

    I can’t wait to try them all out. I like the vibe in all of them. Thank you for making these awesome maps. I mostly play with bots these days and I really appreciate them.

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    1. THX Florin for your nice comments and showing your enthusiasm, I appreciate very much 😀 I too, play against bots and I’m having great times on those WIP maps.

      Just to give you an idea of my dev :

      Cruel is done at 85%,
      Thaq at 95%,
      Valas at 50%.

      It isn’t easy to mesh the maps with the static meshes I use and that is why it take so damn long, geeeez 😦 But in the end, their gameplay is really great and they look awesome, at least to me 😉


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