DM-Cruel post # 3

Dev is going slowly as you might expect, but still, I’m progressing. I put the map a bit on the side since I started DM-Thaq.

Now, I’m working on the last area of the map, the Shock room (showed in the yellow rectangle) which I started to mesh. It’s hard meshing a map with those assets (I know, I’m repeating myself lol).

So for now, the room is extremely basic but I wanted you to see how much work left I have to do to obtain a nice look. I have ideas to test and I need to finish the meshing before starting the lighting.


    1. Yep, I’ll do bud 🙂

      And, what about your reviews of my others maps you told me you’ll do after Delta? I didn’t forget 😉


      After I made this post, I saw you comment on Aryth on Epic forums. So THX 😀


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