DM-Cruel post # 2

Dev is going veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly… but still, it is progressing 🙂

It’s hard to mesh the map with those assets. They look awesome but man, it’s hard!

Anyway, I post this pic just to give an idea of the actual look. Note that I added a skylight but for a reason I can’t explain it isn’t active?! I never saw that in any of my previous maps.


  1. That’ll happen if you don’t have a skysphere in the map and the skylight is set to capture. Or if the skysphere material isn’t bright enough to generate much captured light it could be so dark you think there is none.


    1. I understand.

      The thing is with this level, it’s completely close. I don’t need a directional light. I don’t need a skysphere neither.

      My understanding is that a skylight would just add ambient light without the unnecessary directional light and skysphere when using a cubemap, which I already did a quick try but even with a value that make no sense, like 20 instead of 1 by default, there was no ambient lighting coming from the skylight. I understand your explanation but I found it odd that we absolutely have to use a skysphere to get a result from the skylight.

      But anyway, I’ll keep your info in mind 🙂 THX 😀


  2. “it’s completely close”

    If you mean it’s closed off, no openings to the sky then that explains it. You could always uncheck cast shadows on the skylight and set the skylight to a very low value, like say 0.125, to fake a little ambient light everywhere.


  3. Well, disabling the cast shadows box resolved my problem 😀

    I had to play a lot with the intensity / lower hemisphere values to obtain the desired result but it worth the time it took 😀 A chance you guide me in the right direction, THX 😉


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