My next map, DM-Chroma

This is something new for UT4 which I called DM-Chroma 😀

I’m using completely new assets from the Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle available on the Marketplace 🙂 Again, had to redo everything from scratch so I could use them in the UT Editor.

As for the layout, I inspire myself from one of my top UT99 called DM-Perihelion mining 🙂


  1. I ported those assets to UT4 too. I didn’t bother doing all the decal MIs though I did all other Mats and MIs as well as all the meshes complete with collision… Took a week to do!


    1. That’s cool. It would have been even cooler you could had share your hard work with the community so I wouldn’t had to redo all of what you already done. It took me 1 week too to redo all mats & MI’s!


      1. I know what you mean. While I don’t have a problem sharing ports of permanently free packs with others (I already have a few times), I don’t think Epic or the original creator would be very happy if I just posted it somewhere public for anyone to download.


        1. Yeah, I understand.

          Many packs are a monthly free gift so if you didn’t download the pack within the month, then you must purchase it so the author can receive his money.

          I don’t remember if this pack is permanently free ? But, it doesn’t matter now since I own it 😀


  2. I know Perihelion, it’s one of my favs, too. I remember how astonished I was how far one can get in ut99 in terms of visuals, compared to the stock maps 😉. And I love this continuity from the beginning til now. Screenies looking great, as always 👍. Again, can’t wait for the beta 😄!


    1. THX m8 😀

      The beta is far far away. But, in this galaxy… :p

      Just to say that isn’t a remake. I look at the layout as a starting point. Because, I think it’s an awesome layout 🙂 Therefore, the actual layout will be more appropriate for UT4 gameplay 😉


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