DM-Dakylian, Beta 1

Since Alpha 2, released 3 months ago, working hard on DM-Dakylian every day as finally paid off 😀 I can now share a level that I’m very proud of with the community. It’s my best work yet imho. Download link, pics and all info are available in the map page 🙂

Sadly, the map file size is big, 428 MB 😦 Unless Epic can show me how to apply some magic tricks to reduce it, there is nothing more I can do about it.

You can leave your comment at my map page or at my Epic thread 😉 Have a nice fraggin’ w-e !


  1. Really good to see you still active 😉 (once in a while i even find new maps for UT3…).
    Screenies looking great, after dl (will take a little time) and playing i`ll be back to comment.

    Best regards,

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  2. Hi Detlef,

    Well, mapping is a passion for me 😀

    Take your time to play well the map.

    Honestly, except correcting possible bugs, I’m done with it. I’m playing the map since 3 months intensively and didn’t found nothing to fix. But, since I’m a prudent kind of guy, a beta or 2 won’t hurt before releasing a final.

    I’m starting to gather ideas for another map 🙂 THX for your support 😉


  3. Although the filesize is quite big, it runs very smooth on my machine – (2560×1440) – thumbs up! The visuals are great, the realism of light and shadow and the surfaces is stunning. Bots are acting very well, so what more can i ask for?
    Of course i´m looking foward to your next one… keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

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  4. Mmhh… how to keep it short? Mapping itself is a book with seven seals to me 🙂 , in my opinion it’s an art like painting, playing an instrument or sculpturing… over the years a list of mappers emerged, who contributed to the unreal universe in an outstanding way.
    Slainchild, Hourences, Dan Rozanski, Steve Keene, Hazel H., Remus, Nat Thilsa, Rachel Cordone… just to name a few.
    Without picking a particular map, you belong to this list.

    Best regards,


  5. Me too, I see mapping like a work of art and something that take looooooot of time, from start to finish.

    I know all those names in your list, they’re part of the most talented mappers / modders who made fabulous creations for UT. I’m flattered to know that you consider me as good as them 😀

    You’ve made my day 😉


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