DM-Akar, post # 2, Beta is here!

I’ve made a significant progress since A1 😀 To download the beta, head over my DM-Akar page.

For the extremely limited feedback I’ve received for the Alpha, it is time to go for the Beta. The gameplay is fast and very good and I’m happy about it.

The most difficult is to mesh the map simply because the Industrial meshes aren’t available yet 😦 So the map is built mainly from plane meshes and pillars with few pipes. I’ve tried my best to make it look great using many custom industrial materials. My goal for Beta 1 was to get rid of the stock block meshes. I’m working hard to make this level look great and different so, it’s long way to go before releasing the Release Candidate version but at least the play area as now been meshed and as a player, I like playing level that look at least descent, this is why B1 is available to you 🙂

For leaving a comment, I’ll appreciate you post it in this post or at my Epic forums thread. THX!

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