DM-Aly remake post # 2

So, after few months of hard work, today, I finish to mesh the play area 😀

I’m happy with the current status. The map is fully playable and while it already look nice, it will receive more love 🙂 For reference, the UT3 version is available right here.


    1. THX m8 😁

      I start making a video using the cinematic tool, it’s a long process but very cool to do 😊 I’ll publish it when ready so players will get the real picture 😄


      1. That’s fun to do but yeah it does take a long time. I did a video with the older matinee tool and flew the camera around in Maelstrom. Nice to have that saved for posterity.


          1. It is up on Youtube. It’s a really old version Maelstrom with washed out lighting and tons of features that are different than the current version.

            It’s a little stuttery because I made the mistake of not recording to a secondary drive. If possible, you should record it to a secondary SSD drive to keep the data rate up. I used the built in Nvidia Shadowplay to record it. I would like to try the new cinematic tool – looks more powerful than matinee.


            1. First time I see this video, really nicely done 😀

              The flyby I’m currently making is somehow similar, so I’m on the right track 🙂


              Can you plz show me where to find Nvidia Shadowplay m8 ?


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