DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate and…

So, with the latest April build, recooking and repuloading are again, needed 😦

Both DM-Delta & CTF-Infiltrate as been updated. CTF-Infiltrate is now final 😀

I must confess, It’s VERY disappointing to see the huge lack of feedback from the community for those 2 maps of mine. In the past, I’ve received a ton of feedback for each map I’ve made so I could improve myself and make better maps. That is the logic behind posting alpha’s, beta’s and rc’s before the final, gather other feedback!

The reality is that very few players post back something on Epic forums, even on UC hub. That mean. for the next map, well, I’ll see if I would even bother share it with the community. After all, it feel completely pointless to share my work.




  1. It seems to me that we make maps primarily for ourselves. In any case, this applies to me. The return from the community may have value for someone, but personally I am guided first of all by my views and tastes, and the opinion of the community is not so important to me. I need this myself.


    1. I must admit, I love mapping. Therefore, I came to the conclusion there is no need, no point to release pre-final map if no one care about leaving you some valuable feedback.

      I too will map only for me and share the final only with the community.


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