CTF-Infiltrate update 2

Been working on CTF-Infiltrate everyday like a maniac since months now and I must say, I’m very happy with the end result 😀 The folder which contain all the uncoock stuff is 683 MB but the pack file is only 241 MB! It’s very good taking into account that the level is built from more than 90% custom content!

Layout, pickups, blocking volume, lighting, music are done! I’m working on sounds, visuals effects and optimizing the level at the moment. It’s ±90% finish 🙂 You can found the latest info at my CTF-Infiltrate page.


  1. Looks amazing Steve! I’m not sure if you heard, but the rumor is that Epic is going to pull the Infiltrator assets into the UT project. I have a feeling like that would be quite a bit of work for you to point your assets to the new location but if possible, you would see an even greater reduction in pak size of course.


    1. THX buddy 😀

      It would be great if Epic decide to include the Infiltrator assets in the future but I do not intent to wait for them. Their dev is way to long. I would have the time to build 10 maps by the time the assets appear in game, IF they add them to the game of course!

      Beside, they mess around the stock master materials so much that your maps can look bad or be messed up after few build since they also change the stock meshes!

      THX for showing interest buddy. You’re the only one so far on the whole planet…


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