My second map for UT4, a CTF this time

Since the release of DM-Delta, I’ve been working on a new map base on my own UT3 map. Remember, CTF-Mako 🙂

Layout, pickup placement, will be practically the same. The biggest changes are that the lower level won’t be submerge in water this time and there will be 2 entrances on the upper level to the flag base.

The theme is completely different. I’m using assets from Epic Infiltrator demo. The only UT4 stock assets I’m using are few textures and the pipes meshes. I had to redo all materials in UT4 which is well, not easy! I’m also restraining myself not to use to much assets from Infiltrator simply because the map size will be to big since I must import meshes and textures into the map 😦 I’m also going for a industrial theme. Anyway, enjoy the early pics 😀

Control room, floor and wall.

Control room, ceiling.

Flag room, entrance.

Flag room, flag future location.


  1. Nice use of the Infiltrator assets!

    Just how large is the pak though? I’d say it has to be over 300MB, maybe hitting 500. Infiltrator assets are among my favourites, I use them a lot, but pak size is the only thing keeping me from using them even more.

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    1. THX 😀

      Well, I just made a pack and the pack size is 87 MB. The current folder map size is 236 MB. As we can see, the compression is extremely good 😀

      Also, I’m not using lot’s of meshes. I’m using various materials instead so it’s less consuming, texture wise 🙂

      Honestly, it’s tempting to use many assets but as you, file size manner so I’m restricting myself… A LOT!

      THX for stopping by 🙂


  2. The ceiling and the walls look very good. And no need to restrain themselves in the use of the content. Even if the map will be a big – nothing terrible. The main thing is that she was beautiful.


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