UT4 mapping in october 2015

How goes the creation of maps by the community for UT4 in october 2015? Frankly, I have never seen so many maps in development for years! Every day, new maps appear in forums and they are so numerous that I have trouble following! This is certainly one of the strongest periods of maps development since UT99, which is saying something strong for a pre-alpha game that is now at its 4th edition in 16 years of history 😀

Just for the remakes, UT4 already count 120 and it continues to increase which is entirely unbelievable considering the game still has the pre-alpha status 🙂 We can easily imagine that with all items in development (GUI, maps, mods, skins, weapons, etc.) that will be added over the years will make UT4 ​​the most popular and most successful of all UTs. A triumph in the FPS world!

For me, knowing that EU4 is free, having experience as a mapper and see all those pretty meshes, it makes me really want to map. However, I have very little time to play UT, so mapping is unfortunately unthinkable 😦 I wish, one day I’ll be able to map again and I would looooooove to remake some of my UT3 maps back in UT4!

One comment

  1. I have to admit I am totally shocked by the number of maps in the WIP forum. I commented in Chonglee’s Deck thread and the next day it wasn’t even on the front page of the WIPs!

    I hope you can map again some time Steve. Would be great to see. I’m dabbling at the moment myself but can’t piece together enough time to make a big push to complete something so I understand how you feel.


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