Falling horizon (Tournament begins) by Lightphaser

Falling horizon (Tournament begins) is another awesome music track to add to your UT4 collection 😀 It is made by Joseph Gogh aka. Lightphaser. It is very mellow but sound industrial / underground at the same time. It doesn’t have to much in it which doesn’t distract while playing and also have a nice length (not too short not too long).

Brief, after his first music track for UT4, Revelations (Remix), he asked me to listen his Eternity album to see if there is a track suitable for UT4. I suggest him to work on Falling horizon which he did and did veeeeeeeeeeeeery fast! Now, you get the track that fit’s perfectly for UT4 😉

To listen the music and download the WAV file, head over Soundcloud. You can post your comment at his Epic thread. You can download the FLAC file by clicking (DL) 🙂

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