New electronics!

I can say electronics keep me very busy since the last 2 weeks!

Last week I’ve change my gool old Panasonic GAO 29″ CRT for an awesome HDTV & I bought the PS3 slim console + games + several Blu-ray / DVD movies. All of that cost me ±2 600$.

This week, my DVD burner + my main HDD just stopped to work 😦 I had to replace both of them. So since I must reinstall Windows, I made the switch from XP Pro 32 bits to Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I’m messing around with the new OS, the installation is… well… minimal compare to previous Microsoft OS’s. Only thing is 1 of my network card doesn’t work, there is no x64 drivers for it. All of that cost me another ±350$

I’m about to see if all my apps will work well & I’m also exited to see how the UT3 editor will perform on my main pc 😀

I also change my “telecoms contracts”. I mean, I have high speed Internet with 1 ISP + standard TV signal & my mobile phone with another company. I switch all my telecomunication with only 1 of them which I get the same high speed Internet + HDTV + a brand new mobile phone, an android HTC that will replace my 5 years old mobile ‘prehistoric’ cellular 😀

So this is a lot of changes in the electronic world for me in such a short period of time! All for the better of course.


  1. Indeed, W7 is quite nice actually 😀

    The bad news is that my Sound Forge professional audio app doesn’t want to install now because it need Framework 1.1 SP1 which doesn’t install on W7 😦 I found few tricks on the Internet but I didn’t succeed yet!

    My last app to try to install is Nero 8 & my games (finger crossed!).


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