Fresh install of Windows 7 & my apps

Since last Friday, I’m messing with Windows 7 & install all my apps from scratch. While I use many recent versions of my apps, some are dating a bit & cost a lot of monney. In a ideal world, I would buy the last version but & I’m not willing to do so for some of them, like Sound Forge 8, a professional audio app that cost 399.99$. So I’ve manage install the majority of my apps.

My biggest problem is found a way to install the damn Microsoft Framework 1.1 SP1 so I can install Sound Forge. There are other apps that I didn’t try to install yet but I presume it will be fine, at least I hope!

As for my UT games,


– I manage to install the game, still, there is a big issue with the UMOD tool that doesn’t work so I can’t iinstall mods for UT99 anymore 😦
– Loading the game take more time by at least 3 times!
– The old gameplay bug is still there, meaning the game speed goes very fast & come back to normal randomly!


– Installation was without any issues. Therefore the game take much more time to load compare to XP, damn! It take at least 5 times longer to load 😦


– Install & run fine as it should. It also take a bit more time to load than before, the game as long as the editor by a factor of 2 😦
– I did a tad of mapping yesterday to see how a full rebuild would perform (since Win7 manage the hardware smarter than WinXP) which sadly isn’t anytime faster than XP. I have another new small problem, saving the file take ages & I don’t understand why since I work locally (I’m using the -nohome dir switch in my shortcut)! This is a serious delay comparing to XP! Another action that take at least 4 times longer to accomplish.

So in all,

– My most crucial app (Sound Forge) still need to be installed. I’ve pass all day on it yesterday without success!
– All my UT games aren’t faster, in fact they all take longer to load (whatever ‘compatibility’ mode I set the file exe’s), the UT3 editor take more time to save the files & also the gameplay bug is still there in UT99 plus I have a new UMOD bug which I didn’t have before !


I use many of the administration tools built-in previous versions of Windows. In W7, many of them seem to be removed / unaccessible by default & I’m loosing time trying to set this & that. I hope to be able solve my issues very soon so I can get back on mapping 🙂

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