High def!

As you may notice, I rarely post real life stuff. I already made few posts like my birthday, or wishing happy new year or Merry Christmas to my visitors, etc.

I focus my UT blog on UT world but it’s always cool to share a brief moment of my real life with all of you.

I’ve folow the HD trend since it as been introduce into the market. Therefore, I was waiting to make the switch. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been shopping for a HDTV & other things like Blue-ray movies, more affordable DVD TV series & PS3 games.

I finally bought a HDTV which is the Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D 40 + the Sony’s PS3 slim with the 160 GB HDD. The PS3 promo of the week include Uncharted 2: Among thieves GOTY + Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots for the same price (299.99$). I also bought :

Star Wars: The force unleashed
Uncharted: Drake’s fortune

I was waiting the end of HD-DVD & Blu-ray war last year before to start buying HD movies & the PS3. I’m a media collector & I own a good collection of DVD’s, CD’s & vinyls. Now that prices are low, technologies as evolved so you get much better for less, I decided to do the switch to HD 😀

I also bought those:

Batman: The dark knight (Blu-ray)
Ice age (Blu-ray)
Ice age 2: The meltdown (Blu-ray)
Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs (Blu-ray)
Ip man, collector edition (Blu-ray)
Ip man 2, collector edition (Blu-ray)
Kaamelott, livre 1 (DVD)
Kaamelott, livre 2 (DVD)
Kaamelott, livre 3 (DVD)
Kaamelott, livre 4 (DVD)
Kaamelott, livre 5 (DVD)
Le petit baigneur (DVD – a must Louis de Funès movie)
Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob (DVD – definitely a must Louis de Funès movie)

I plan to buy those:

Crysis 2 (dunno if I’ll buy it for PC or PS3 yet)
Kaamelott, livre 6 (DVD)
Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception (PS3 game if critics are good)
X-Men 2: United (Blu-ray 2011 upcoming edition)
X-Men 3: The last stand (Blu-ray 2011 upcoming edition)

I was curious to see what an HDTV look like with the standard cable. Damn, it’s ugly! LOL

I have to call my ISP & switch to HD because I still use standard cable at the moment.

So I’m extremely happy with all that new electronics & many things to play / watch 😀

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