DM-Kyron GrP. now available!

I’m very happy to announce the availability of DM-Kyron GrP. 😀

For those who will ask for the level, I’ll be happy to share with them the download link by email. All info at the level page. Don’t hesitate to share the file with your friends 🙂

However, please know that now I don’t try to drastically reduce the file size like before. It was possible to reduce de file by cutting on the quality of the textures. In the past, I did my best to limit the file size to a maximum of 500 MB since UTCC is limited to this size. As my levels are only played by very few players, I have no reason to cut on the visual quality. I still make a few cuts here and there, but never as much as before. So don’t be surprised by the file size. In case of this level, file weight 1.12 GB.

A short 8 mins DM recording :

A quick 5 mins TDM Rocket Arena match :

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