DM-CyberPunk, next level

DM-CyberPunk is the new level I’m working on since May using this new CyberPunk pack I bought.

I released it for private testing the first of July on Mega so my friends can play it. To access Mega, it takes 2 mins to register, and it’s completely free. You’ll be able to join the dev and play it too with a bunch of friendly and respectful folks if you make the “effort” of register.

Until the final version, there no need to put any WIP versions on UTCC or even share it on UT Discord / UOF Facebook since no one care to to give me even the tiniest form of feedback or appreciation for sharing my works. My actual dev version differ from the released Mega version. The list of enhancements is very long :

  • Add flying cars.
  • Add more decals (arrows, graffitis, etc).
  • Add pipe meshes at the Belt “bridge” area.
  • Add blocking volumes at the Belt “bridge” that cover the new pipes.
  • Add blocking volumes that covers both cars located near the Stinger entrance.
  • Add pipe sounds at some areas.
  • Add preview screen.
  • Add story.
  • Change the back of the car located between the lifts that lead to to the Belt, KEG and UDamage so now the Boots can be taken from the Link gun or Shock rifle side.
  • Fix UV lighting issues on both sky scrapers.
  • Refine lighting here and there.
  • Replace default jumpad by the custom one I’ve made for CTF-Ahead.

First pic I shared showing the meshing, using only the Directional Light and the SkyLight.

This is the final look (much more recent than the Mega version).

With this video, you’ll see what to expect :


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