DM-Dakylian, 1.3 update

Hello all!!!

  • After few matches on DM-Dakylian, I notice weird bots behavior. I found the way to fix them.
  • I found a spot where I could see through a static mesh 😮 That mean a blocking volume was missing, so I’ve added one. It must has been deleted by error.
  • While working on BV’s, I add others here and there so the preview layout is much more refine.
  • Before starting a match, for a few seconds, the player was floating in the void. Now, the player will see the environment.
  • Speed up the lift a bit near the Grenade Launcher, from 0.8 to 0.7. It’s a tad faster now and just not enough to hit the ceiling above it.
  • Added BV’s under all lifts so a players won’t be able to stay under the lifts when it goes up.
  • Added some arrows near the lifts.
  • Massive lighting enhancements, had to rebuild few times to get the result I wanted ingame. That was very, very, very time consuming!
  • Replaced Atmospheric Fog by Exponential Height Fog using a more blueish tint.
  • Subtle Post Process changes.
  • Tweaked few materials and the sky.
  • Remade preview screen.
  • Update the readme.

Brief, it look better and play better so head over UTCC to grab it! THX in advance to give me some feedback on this updated version 😉

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