DM-FutureMine, available!

After 3 months of hard work, I’m please to release the RC1 version of DM-FutureMine 😀

I’m releasing this version for “bugs hunting” and your pickup suggestions, if you have some 😉 To follow and participate to the level development, register on Mega. It takes 2 mins to register and it’s completely free 🙂

I’m also aware of some issues regarding bots. I did everything possible to fix them without success 😦 What I’m already aware is :

  1. Bots don’t use the lift near the Shock Rifle to go up to the Sniper Rifle.
  2. Sometimes, bots get stuck on the various stairs across the level, while other times, they don’t, passing on the same stairs! Same at the junction of the 3 long pipes above the Shock Rifle, even if other times, they travel without any issues.
  3. When the lift near the Flak reach the upper level, bots inside the lift, stay in the lift or face the wall behind the lift instead of going out of it and sometimes they exit as they should.


  1. Hey Steve, got some time to try your new baby. I have to say first impressions are truly gorgeous! =)

    Game play is taking some time to master the dynamics of the layout.

    I’ll have to get back to you on bugs etc.

    Thanks again for this blessing.

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    1. I’m happy you like it my old friend 😀

      If there is a bug or you found an exploit or have suggestion regarding pickups, don’t hesitate to share it 🙂 I intent to release the final April 29th.


  2. So Steve, I played the map a few times. First of all, it is a really nice map👍😍 I think it will get into my 3 best Steve maps list 😄 I like the different floors and that they are open in the middle. You seem to have something with dirty basement settings with leaking walls 😅

    I know you want to hear more, but I need to play it more often for that. It is a new map for me and I need to absorb the surroundings. So far I haven’t found any ‘bugs’ other then the one you already mentioned: a bot that got stuck on the pipes and later it did not happen anymore on that same spot (I was watching out for it). Only the big closed elevator is a bit slow to my opinion, but as I said maybe I need to get used. I will play it more coming days.

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    1. First, THX for sharing your first impressions 😀

      Second, there is no rush Mic.

      Third, yes the lift near the Shock that goes to the highest floor is the slowest one, it is intended.

      I’m happy you like it and I’ll polish more before releasing the final for sure in 4 weeks 🙂 It’s always cool to see players liking your works and put them in “a top level designer list”, Stevie’s list in my case hé hé!! Ho, and I love dirty environment lol 😛


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