50, yes… 50… hooo maaaaannn!

Well, today I’m 50!
…Half a century of life 😦
…Almost a quarter of a century of Unreal 🙂
This is not an April Fool’s Day joke, I was born April Fool’s Day 1972 in the morning.

…So I’m on the downward slope, just like my belly…

So officially, you can now call me an old fart 😀


  1. Joyeux Anniversaire!! Qui a bon voisin a bon matin (de l’autre côté de l’étang).🙂

    Sounds about right.. consider’n we’re both a ’72 model.
    Soo given almost a 1/4 spent on UT so far..
    Means you’re in for at least another 1/2 a century of life + another 1/4 for UT. 😀

    Hooo yesss UT4 has plenty of 70+ players out there. 😛

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