DM-Future mine, my next level

I started this new level last week so I’m at the beginning of the dev.

Remember that I’ve bought several sci-fi packs few months ago that cost me more than 200$? Well, the new pack I’m using is one of them. For the curious, click here for the pack presentation. Some meshes was problematic in UT4 editor, I couldn’t use them but another fellow level designer, Aquilon, helped me fix the issue, so now I can use them 😀

To start with, I inspired myself on another UT2004 classic level, DM-Argel which was a blast at the time made by the famous ‘Hourences’.

This post is to invite everyone to follow the dev of DM-Future mine by following my ‘thread’ on MEGA. Epic forums are now unusable for new content, so since DM-Fondation, I’ve switched to MEGA. You must register, which take 2 mins and then, you will be able to take part of the conversation, sharing your opinion, etc.

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