DM-Akar CE R1 available!

I’ve been approached to make some changes to DM-Akar for competitive matches. So, I present you the modified version for the competitive players, the Competitive Edition, aka CE. Here is what as been made for this version :

  • Switched Rocket Launcher & Shock Rifle.
  • Removed Lighting Gun, move the central Link Gun there.
  • Moved the Bio Rifle where the central Link Gun was.
  • Added another Link Gun where the previous Bio Rifle was. So the map as now 2 Link Guns.
  • Removed the Enforcer and replace it with the UDamage.
  • Added 1 x 25 health near the second Link Gun.
  • Added 1 x 25 health near the Shock Rifle.
  • Move the 3 vials under the Sniper Rifle closer to the second lift exit.
  • Move the 3 vials near the water drain in a corner of the Shock Rifle floor.
  • Add few barrels between the new Bio location and the central lift, to break some LOS.
  • Add few barrels near Sniper Rifle again to breake the LOS coming from the stairs and the UDamage entrance.
  • Make a “ramp” out of concrete pillars and barrels near the Singer to get quickly on the Link Gun floor.
  • Made some ammo adjustments to reflect the new weapon base configuration.

I’ll make a new page for this CE version when it will reach final. With new screenshots, etc. Meanwhile, grab the level on UTCC, enjoy the modifications and let me know what you think in this post plz because it’s the only place where I’ll collect feedback 😀


  1. Hey Steve don’t have any suggestions/ criticism. I like the changes particularly getting rid of the lighting rifle. On paper the idea of two link guns I thought was no good, but on playing its okay. Adding U Damage makes for very intense matches.

    Thanks as always for all your work Steve.

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  2. Hey bud 😀

    Ho… you don’t like Lighting gun, sorry to read that 😦 Me, it’s one of my fav weapon along with the Grenade Launcher 🙂

    Me too, having a double weapon for this medium size map wasn’t convinced. If you remember in the UT3 days, or even playing all my UT4 maps, you’ll never see the same weapon in double except in CTF. I doubted to apply that suggestion but it seem to play pretty well so far for the competitive crowd.

    UDamage was also a surprising suggestion since it’s very close to the Belt but the fact both respawn are different, it works.

    I’m waiting further feedback to apply it in R2 or in the final. So, if you have nothing to suggest or to critic, I thinks it’s a good sign lol 😉


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