Stevie’s corner, running since 12 years !


Created in September 2009, I am happy to note that today, 12 years later, my blog has been visited by more than 531 500 visitors for 12 years. 12 years that I share with you what fascinates me in the Unreal universe 🙂

I wanted to thank my visitors, veterans, subscribers and newcomers for your presence. From your comments, your ‘likes’ and then sharing my articles on other social networks 😀 You encourage me to continue to share all these new Unreal finds as well as to disclose information about my personal projects.

Looking forward to reading you 😉


Créé en septembre 2009, content de constater qu’aujourd’hui, 12 ans plus tard, mon blog a été visité par plus de 531 500 visiteurs et ce, depuis 12 ans. 12 années que je partage avec vous ce qui me fascine dans l’univers d’Unreal 🙂

Je tenais à remercier mes visiteurs, vétérans, abonnés et nouveaux venus de votre présence. De vos commentaires, de vos ‘like’ puis de partager mes articles sur d’autres réseaux sociaux 😀 Vous m’encouragez à continuer de partager toutes ces nouvelles trouvailles d’Unreal ainsi qu’à divulguer des informations sur mes projets personnels.

Au plaisir de vous lire 😉


  1. Congratulations, I’m one of the newbies. Impressive the amount of information you have gathered around my favorite game, Unreal Tournament. I hope you continue for many more years. Thanks.

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    1. Hey 🙂

      THX for your post my dear noobie 😛 😀 I hope that content creator will continue to make good use of UE so I can continue to share their project 🙂


  2. Greeting and salutations dear Steve. Thank you for collecting all things Unreal for well over a decade now. When Epic finally comes back to its roots, we will have you to thank for helping keep the flame of UT alive.

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    1. More than a decade, geez, so many years are passing…and I miss so much the UOF time 😦 Well, if Epic isn’t returning on UT, at least, I could say that I contribute a lot to this unfinished game 🙂


  3. Salutations mon ami! Time does Fly, just like the cycle of life!
    Even if Epic doesn’t come back Steve, you can count yourself a very big part in make’n this UT the Best (Pre Alpha) Yet!
    Like that Vulkan once said, ‘Vivre longtemps et Prospérer’!😀

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