DM-Akar, 1.3 available

I’ve made many enhancements to DM-Akar. The list is long. The most apparent are :

  • Material changes (adjusting roughness, metallic values, etc.).
  • Remade the big smoke particle. There are 2 of them. First above the belt, the other above the mid building.
  • Remove the meshes that was put aside the level when making the lift kitbash.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all armor & weapons base. Made a custom BP weapon base.
  • Tweak blocking volumes. Preview layout is really a lot more accurate!
  • Tweak BSP.
  • Tweak main lighting actors (directional light & skylight values)
  • Tweak most small light actors (point lights & spot lights values)
  • Tweak navigation volume values.
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Tweak the sky (clouds, colors, sun intensity, etc.).
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

Grab the map, enjoy the enhancements and let me know what you think!

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