DM-Aryth, 1.2 available

Been I while I had some things in mind to enhance my previous levels. For now, I’m done, so the last level I’ve made some updates is DM-Aryth. Go at the map page to download it. The main changes are :

  • Added decals for lifts and specific spots where slope dodge is doable.
  • Made a unique JumpPad to replace the stock one.
  • Remade preview pic.
  • Remove the stock decals under all medium health and armors.
  • Remove the stock static mesh under all powerups and weapons.
  • Tweak AI volume. New settings provide big improvements. Bots now cross the tight corridors between the Link and Bio and Flak. Also the wider corridor between the Link and RL.
  • Tweak Damage volume (when falling from Belt / Keg area).
  • Tweak Post Process.
  • Rebuild lighting, production quality.

Enjoy the update 😀

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