Journey to Oblevia, post # 2

My readers are already aware of my new Journey to Oblevia project which consist of remaking some of my UT99 all time favorites levels to UT4 with current gen sounds and visuals 🙂

Since Part 1 final release (DM-Oblivion remake), I started working on Part 2 (DM-Stalwart XL remake). The new ‘SciFi Props Pack‘ that I specially bought to make this new series of levels have plenty of assets. Therefore, it miss a bit of deco assets. Last week, I also bought the ‘SciFi Populate Pack‘, coming from the same author. Those assets are for populating interiors, rooms, halls and more. In total, both pack cost me more than 100$. The best in that? You’ll be able to play those maps freely, lucky you.

Still, the pack isn’t compatible with UT4 editor (surprise, surprise…) 😦 On the marketplace, the pack compatibility is for 4.15 to 4.26, BUT in reality the minimum is 4.15.3. Since UT4 editor is 4.15.0, assets don’t work directly if putting then under the content directory. So I contacted the author about that but he couldn’t do nothing about it. Then, I contacted Epic to tell them to adjust the minimum requirements on the marketplace because it is useless with 4.15.0. What is bugging me is the pack as plenty of Blueprint and skeletal assets, and this, I can’t reproduce them in UT4 😦 About textures, materials and SM, it’s really easy so I started to slowly import and redo all that in UT4.

Both packs use 1k quality textures (I usually use more 2k textures), which is rather low quality but still, with added details normal maps, good lighting and PostProcess, the levels are still looking great 😀

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