Moloch map pack 2021 for UT3 released

For those who still play UT3, Moloch map pack 2021 as been released 😀 All maps as been made by Michail ‘Moloch’ Levchinko.

Requirements :

– Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1
– Titan pack.

This pack contains three maps and their variations.

CTF-Gravitator (reworked)
DM-Gravitator (reworked)

More info at his Epic thread 🙂


    1. Hello John 🙂

      All Moloch packs are already listed in my page right here since he released them. THX for letting me know, it’s a good thing there is a mirror for his works. But, I must say, you really need to create a readme that listed the files content because atm, there is no way to know what they’re containing.


      1. Hi!

        You don’t have all Moloch’s works described on your pages I’m pretty sure of it (he didn’t post all his works on the UT forum).
        The list of all his maps is located in the archive.
        You can also check the full list here:

        (the UT forum is dead so I was not able to update my thread – the archive now contains all his packs including 2021 works, fixed Christcrusher, two versions of Gravitator, some rare old mappacks, and more )
        And unfortunately, I have lost connection with Moloch completely when the forum died.


        1. Hey 🙂

          I’ve saw there is a readme file there which clearly indicate the content. Good job. I’ll replace all the links with yours. THX for letting me know 😀


  1. I added the list along with the archive:

    2011 Christcrusher Map Pack
    2011 Moloch Map Pack 2
    2013 Moloch Map Pack 3
    2016 Moloch Pack 4
    2016 Moloch Pack 5
    2016 Moloch2016November
    2016 Unknown Moloch Maps
    2017 MolochPack 6
    2018 Moloch Pack 2018
    2018 Last Command (Moloch conversion)
    2018 Paleonyx Moloch
    2018 Temple Of Demigod Moloch Pack
    2019 Moloch Pack 7
    2019 Christcrusher Remaster 2019 Pack (includes Creator and DM-Christcrusher_RE2019 fixed)
    2020 Moloch Pack 8 (includes Gravitator 2020)
    2021 Moloch Pack 2021 (includes Gravitator 2021)


    1. Ah, cool 😀 So you’ve made the list! Ah, I just answer to John that I replace my old links with the one who include all packs. Again, THX for letting me know 🙂


      1. Thanks for posting.
        Moloch was very careless when it came to sharing his works thus some of them were lost or were not released to the public. I tried to preserve as much as possible. I hope I will not be the only one who keeps them all. He’s truly a remarkable 3D designer.

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