DM-Elik updated

I’ve made some updates to DM-Elik. THX to Mictēcacihuātl for informing me of a issue 😉

Brief, a player could translocate out of the map near the Shock by aiming in the outside hole in the rocks. It was possible only depending on your location and angle of throwing the translocator. I modified the blocking volume and since I was at it, I modified, added other blocking volumes all around the map. You will see now, before starting a match, the layout preview is much cleaner and precise 🙂 There is a big difference between before & now :



I also tweak the more I could the AI. I’m aware since day 1 that bots didn’t go collecting the vials above the chest armor but now, they do 😀 Learning from DM-Qu0, I could achieve this tweak. At the time, I didn’t had the knowledge. Therefore, after all my attempts, they still don’t collect the vials in front of the belt because the path is to thin for them to travel. I’ve made numerous attempts on this & that in the AI volume settings but couldn’t make it work in the end 😦 I put enough time on that, time to pass on other things.

Enjoy the enhancements!


  1. Yeah, both pathing with Navmesh can be a real pain in UT4. I miss the old apples, you could make the bots walk a tightrope with those.


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