Mothership service rooms assets

In 2016, I’ve saw this awesome speed level design called Maintenance room. I always found those assets amazing and since all that time, they are available on Epic Marketplace. Therefore, I didn’t want to buy Marketplace assets for many reasons.

Objectively, UT4 is a free game and the community, for what remains, is almost indifferent to my maps that I take the time to share with it. Simply take the time to go to Epic forums and look at the response rate I got for each of the final maps. The result is exceedingly disappointing. Sad but true. So, why invest from my pocket in a pack and share maps made with those assets with the community if 99% of the community doesn’t care? Well, I still decided to buy this fabulous pack, finally UT4 compatible, for my next level because these assets, unlike the usual free sci-fi packs, are not super shiny, rather dirty and worn. Whether I’m going to continue sharing my maps with the community after DM-Cruel’s final release, I’ll think about it.

The video is the speed level design I’m talking about 😀


  1. Yep, it’s a very good price indeed. Maybe because it’s a old pack?

    Therefore, even if the pack is supposed to be compatible with UE 4.15, at first, most meshes didn’t appear in UT4 content browser. Damn…

    The pack include the FBX files but when I imported them into UT4 editor, even if I had no errors, all the meshes scale was all messed up 😦 Re-damn… Textures and mats at least did worked but I’ve replace most of the mats by MI’s and tweak the master material so it look even better 😀

    To be able to use the meshes, I had to add install UE 4.15, add the pack files into a new 4.15 project and then export them and re-import them in UT4 Editor. Then, the meshes scale is now good.

    I explain all that in case you want to buy the same pack.


  2. I grabbed the 4.14 version, everything migrated over perfectly. The thing I like best about this pack is the collision on the meshes is very good. Won’t need a million blocking volumes with these meshes.

    Materials aren’t that good, but they can be changed easily enough. Some of the textures look like they’ll be pretty useful too. What changes did you make to the mats?

    I’ll probably end up using some of the vents/fans, maybe some of the grates and the hull material.


  3. Well, I’ve replace many mats by MI’s. I add parameters for metallic / roughness and add detailed normal maps. With all those changes, mats look much better 😀 I also add more variety to the computer screen materials. I simply use the same mat I’m using currently for DM-Cruel.

    I think it’s a awesome packs. Meshes look awesome and there a good variety of meshes for wall, floor, ceiling and deco. The vents and fans are looking great indeed and the Blueprint version work very well. Also, in general, the textures aren’t to big so it won’t consume lots of memory resources 🙂

    I don’t know if its just me but the demo map miss the map structure? like the layout is there with all the meshes but the “frame” of the layout is missing so I can see the skysphere everywhere?


    1. That’s pretty much what I was thinking the mats need. Plus desaturation, color tint options and maybe a height map for POM on some, in particular the hull metal material.

      The demo map seems fine to me. There isn’t a skysphere in it at all. At least not in the migrated map. I don’t think the original had one either since the glass material is fully opaque and you wouldn’t see anything through it anyhow.


  4. I was thinking to add those parameters but I like the way the mats look so I didn’t bother add desaturation / color / specularity / POM / etc. But, it’s a question of taste anyway 🙂

    Very odd?

    For me, the demo map miss the map structure and it’s very bright behind the meshes. It’s a skysphere or the fog that is very bright. I’m talking about the original demo map which I opened in UE before exporting the meshes / textures.

    I’ll post a pic later when I’ll be home so you can see what I’m talking about.


    Here is a pic from the Mothership demo map.


  5. something is messed up for sure there. Did you import the changes when you installed the pack? When I tried that it got a ton of errors so I reinstalled it without the changes.


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