500,000 visits reached!

500,000 visits reached!

Well, from September 2009 to today, Stevie’s corner has been visited by more than 500,000 visitors. It’s pretty cool, I have to say, to have reached half a million visits 😀

Honestly, however, given the very few comments or the sharing of an article or the mention “like” on an article by my readers, I seriously wonder what is the point of continuing to keep this site alive. But wait, I’m not saying that nobody is writing a comment or take action by sharing or liking an article. Indeed, from time to time, someone writes something or share an article on Facebook or click on ‘Like’ on an article. However, the proportion of these actions versus what is seen and downloaded from my site is completely disproportionate.

I address myself to my readers. If you write your thoughts more often in my articles, honestly, it would not make me feel like I am the only one on the planet on this site. Frankly, it is no use to me to pay annually for this site, share and publish articles if almost nobody show interest.

I’ll take an instant to thank those who took the time to take a minute to write on my blog : Achernar, [ADP] -Dirty, Barballs, Blitz, Chonglee, Cosmix, Darkn3ss , DARKSONNY, Diesalot, Firefly, foufounerose, Hydras, igorsanchez, Lord_PorkSword, mAlkAv!An, Maul, MoxNix, Nova, Odedge, Sp4der, Tipper. There are others but you’re the folks who have write the most at my site 🙂

Brief, I hope that from now on, I will be able to exchange more often with you, my dear readers.


  1. Dear Steve just want to say a Big Thank You for all you do in the Unreal modding community. Your site is the first place to catch all things Unreal. Your work curating what happens through the Epics ecosystem is second to none. Much Love

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    1. Hoooo, THX for your kind words buddy 😀

      It’s very nice to know that my site is that much important to you 🙂 After all, I’m not a ‘news’ related Unreal site (Unreal.fr just cross my mind), rather a mapper hobbyist working with this Engine.

      BTW, what do you think about my UT4 maps? Comparing with my UT3 maps, do you think they are as good or worst or better? Are you enjoying my UT4 maps? I would like to hear from you m8 🙂

      The Unreal world is so big and so much stuff is made with this engine, it truly amaze me!


  2. Hey, it’s really sad that you are not getting a lot of conversation from your community. It honestly never occurred to me that the option to comment and like was here. I really love what you post and its an incredible way to find tons of great free content that is really inspiring when making games. The stuff you post here is really great and I love what you’ve been doing. I hope that you decide to carry on with this site because I have found it really helpful and inspiring.

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    1. Hi Harry,

      Well, now that you know that you can share and click on ‘like’ an article, I hope you’ll share and like more often 😉

      A place to be inspire is one of the desired aspect of my site. At least I hope! There was a period I posted many illustrations of awesome artists. But these days, I don’t have the time to do that.

      I also post progress about all the maps I’m working on. The things that deceive me big time is that I know that talented mappers look and play them but they don’t give me a good feedback like in the UT3 days. You know Harry, I spend countless hours on making a map from scratch, trying to craft something that is looking unique and play awesomely, still, I get rare comments about that. Generally, mappers just give me a overall comment. Like, ‘it look nice’ or something alike. Or help me if I have a certain issue that I ask for help but don’t give me proper feedback on anything else.

      Ho well Harry, THX for stopping by, I appreciate 😀


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