DM-Akar, post # 4

This post is to let know the players that do like and play my maps that the next release of DM-Akar is going to be the final one. The next post will be the video I’m actually making and then the final release of the map. As always, if you do have interest for my work, leave a comment at DM-Akar page, or post at Epic forums 🙂

At first, I’ve planned to release a Release Candidate before the final version but since, except ÐutchSmºke on Epic forums, the rest of the community don’t care / comments on my maps, I assume there is no interest anymore for my maps or the game itself and that mean there is no interest to me for sharing my maps with the community, sadly 😦

The community total absence / lack of interest about the final release of DM-Aryth and DM-Aly was a enormous deception / let down for me. I’ve work for months on those maps and what was the community response, absolutely nothing, a big zero. This is the top of the top worst reaction a mapper can get from a community.


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