DM-Aryth, post # 1

DM-Aryth is the my new map I’m working on 😀

A small DM for 2 – 6 players. I’m mostly done with the layout. Now I’m in the details to make the structure less plain. In the map page here, you’ll see what kind of structure I’m crafting 🙂 There are 11 additional pics.

FYI, there is only a skylight and a directional light. I didn’t bother working on materials yet so that is why the pics are in lighting mode only 😮


    1. THX m8 😀

      I’m too lazy to make a BSP shell… so… in fact, I’m using only 8 meshes in total. All very low poly and rudimentary shapes, like square floors, square pillars, 45 degrees corners, etc.


      1. It’s an interesting way to make a shell. I started a shell where I’m just making additive BSP shapes that I can convert into blocking volumes once I put a mesh inside it. Always trying to figure out how to make the design flow easier :).


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