DM-Aly remake post # 3, video preview

Since last DM-Aly’s post, I’ve started to work with the Sequencer tool so I could make a video to show the map. I was completely noob at it! Anyway, after few days of trials and errors, I’ve manage to make a descent video 😀 Sadly, the audio isn’t captured in 4.15, only the video is 😦

The actual video contain more than 30 cameras, switching one after another with fade in/out between still and mobile shots. Honestly, I’m deceive of the lag you’ll see here and there. I think it’s related to my GTX 965M on my gaming laptop… don’t know 😦 Anyway, you’ll get the picture.

Preview 1 video as been replace by the final version on my YouTube account 🙂


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