Discobolus of Myron by Chamferbox.com

While browsing UE4 forums, I found this HQ free to use mesh of Discobolus of Myron made by Chamferbox. What I’ve done :

– Download the free pack, keep only the FBX and PNG files so it can be use with UE4.
– Import meshes and textures into UT4 and made the material to see how it look and also compare the actual player size vs. this new mesh.
– Made a pic, add the text.
– Made a 7z file, upload the archive to my GoogleDrive so you can download the file here 😀

If you want to download the original file witch include all the formats b3d, blend, dbo, dae, fbx, max, ms3d, unitypackage, etc, head over here.

Head over here to leave your comment on Epic forums 🙂

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