DM-Delta release 2 now available!

I’m happy to announce the next release of DM-Delta which is compatible with the latest UT4 patch, build 4.15 😀

I was afraid to loose the map with the 4.15 patch simply because the full build function (lighting process in particular) didn’t worked at all whatever I was trying. THX to barsam2a solution on Epic forums which as permit me to make a full rebuild of the map 😀 If you want to leave a little comment on my Epic thread or here, I’ll appreciate 🙂

This is what as been done for R2 :

– Modified the BV around the jumpad near the helmet pickup.
– Add BV to the 2 turbines in front of the helmet pickup.
– Boost sun brightness.
– Remade preview pic.
– File size is 30MB smaller! THX to UE 4.15 pack compression 🙂

I’m done with this map unless a repack is required in the future. For all info about the map, head over here.

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