Halo Forerunner materials / textures pack

After a private request, I thought that “why not gather all of Halo Forerunner materials / textures I have on my HDD and share it with the world so mappers can create Halo themed maps once again?!”

A bit of history…

We’re in 2010, this new pack is release as “Forerunner asset pack” by Teltaur for UT3 on Epic forums. It’s the first and only public release by Teltaur. There is only materials in this pack. It’s the 1.0 release.

After few talks with Teltaur, he told me he intent to release a full update pack, a v 2.0 if you like because he want to add textures in the 1.0 pack, optimize some and so on. After I helped him, in private, he kindly provide me the tweaked / optimize textures in TGA files he was working on instead of adding them to the existing 1.0 pack. I use the textures for my map DM-Amyrade 🙂

We’re now in July 2016 and those materials, textures are pretty impossible to find! I’ve compiled all Teltaur’s materials / textures in this package so everyone can use them 😀 The original preview material can’t be found anymore so I choose my DM-Amyrade map so you can have a idea of what the textures look like. Even today, with UE4, mappers can create fantastic looking maps 🙂

Download the new pack here. In the archive, there is 2 directories :

Materials : Teltaur original UPK file, 1.0.
Textures : all optimized and new textures, 2.0.

Have fun!

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