My new map for UT4…

I didn’t thought I’ll be writing this but since ±2 month, I’m playing with the UT4 editor and building a new DM map 😀

In the map making process, instead of making the layout with BSP and then replacing the BSP shell by meshes, I’m directly adding meshes to craft the layout. In the contrary to my previous maps, I don’t have a layout in mind so I’m crafting the layout as far as I go by adding meshes and play with them 🙂

I won’t go trough the standard process neither (alpha-beta-RC-final) but instead release 1 – 2 versions (R1, R2) before the final just for debugging purpose. So, I don’t know when I’ll release the first version (R1) to the public, only time will tell! I’m pretty sure this news will make my readers happy 😉 Now, few renders from the editor 😀


  1. Dude!!! HAHAHAHA I knew you will map again for ut4! Great pictures dude, great lighting and good use of the meshes, you could not stand anymore when seeing what those another mappers are doing with their creations lol the worm finally entered your stomach and there is again one of my favourite mappers from unreal stage.

    Clap clap clap

    Obviously, get your time to slowly doing stuff there are many stages for ut’s development to go (as you well know its pre-alpha) sso please, take easy to learn the most powerful UED to date!

    Sorry im excited, I will not do this again lol

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  2. by the way:
    When I told “the worm finally entered your stomach” I was referring to a well-know popular spanish “Te ha entrado el gusano en el estomago” so In english is hard to translate but basically says: curiosity has reached your stomach lol



  3. Ha ha!

    Hey DarkSonny, long time no see 🙂 Don’t worry, I understood what you said 😉

    Indeed, I’m taking my time building this map. The current state of the game is alpha so meshes and stuff are subject to change in the way I may have to change some of them as the game evolve, who knows!

    Good to read ya m8 😀


  4. Wooooooohoooooooooo!!!! I’m so glad you started mapping for UT4!! And… the pics look fantastic!! If you need a Hub to test your maps online, just let me know.

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  5. The question that I have is can you port over UT99 maps directly to UT4, or do you still have to go through these steps: UT99>2K4>UT3>UT4. I have a whole bunch of maps from UT99, 2K4 to port over.


  6. Magnificent screens! This is one of two ut4 maps, which is really interesting to me (other CTF – Gargantua by Omellete). Good sense of color, especially red-brown pipe on a white background. Perfect detail. It is a pity that it can not play right now.

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    1. Hey, THX for stopping and for your kind comment 🙂 I’m working everyday on it and it look even better now 😀 Sadly, everytime Epic release a new major build, it mess up the lighting. They also change the materials so few are looking less good 😦 It’s a pain to rework on stuff that is final to me. So much a waste of time! But anyway, its progressing 😀


    1. Yeah. When I started to map for UT3, the game was final so I didn’t had to retouch the map everytime the game was patched. That is why I take my time before releasing the (R1). I’ll wait until the game is stable enough.

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  7. Steve Polge did actually say that it may be a continuing evolving project. The good thing about that is it won’t be like UT3 where we were all hoping we could get the lighting that was available in UDK.:).


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