Eternity Benchmark by Ben ‘Evilmrfrank’ Burkart

I present you Eternity Benchmark made by Ben ‘Evilmrfrank’ Burkart 😀 For those who don’t know Ben, he’s in the gaming industry since many years and released many awesome custom maps for all UT’s. He always was in my top my level designer list 🙂

Eternity Benchmark Ben description : Eternity Benchmark is a high end benchmarking program I put together using a visual prototype I made a few months ago. I am releasing this for free to anyone interested! This benchmark is pretty straight forward, it offers a very large open valley and gives you the ability to fly through the entire area freely. It also includes a simple camera flythrough of the environment. Some may remember this from a video I put out a few months ago, it is mostly the same environment with a few minor changes. This is mostly built for higher end PCs but definitely interested in hearing what kind of performance people with different hardware get on the map.

For comments / feedback, etc you can go at his Epic thread.

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