Michal Orzelek assets pack

I’m always searching for free, high quality assets and resources for my readers. Browsing the web, I’ve found Michal Orzelek UE4 Blog which is full of UE4 content and tutorials 😀

I’ve download all the actual assets, made some changes in the directories so it is easier to navigate, complete a readme file, made a wallpaper (use as the featured post image) then made a 7z archive (MichalOrzelekAssetsPack.7z) and upload it to my GoogleDrive account. This new pack contain : Bench, Bucket, Bus stop, Chairs, Glass materials, Metal scratched materials, Old doors, Poster column, Straw, Trash bin.

Click here to download 🙂

Readers, please, share my UE4 resources page! The more people are aware of this free high quality content page, the better for the community so those resources can be put in use 😉

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