Textures pack (2K TX) by Almgp

Again, browsing the UE forums, I’ve found this old thread that is about ‘4 free materials – Rock and ground’ using high resolution textures (2048×2048) made by Almgp 😀

Originally, if you look at the Epic thread, the textures are in TIF format, a format that isn’t supported by UE yet. I don’t know if Almgp will release more materials neither ? Anyway, I’ve download the original pack, rename the files, add a readme and convert all files from TIF to TGA and then made a 7z archive (AlmgpTexturesPack1.7z) and upload it to my GoogleDrive account. Click here to download 🙂

Readers, please, share my UE4 resources page! The more people are aware of this free high quality content page, the better for the community so those resources can be put in use 😉

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