Foliage Starter Kit by Philipp Nasahl

I present you another HQ free assets pack. The free Foliage Starter Kit by Philipp Nasahl 😀

Foliage Starter Kit is a package especially designed for the UE4. It will give you the ability to create awesome forest / parks / garden scenes with a great variation due to the different material parameters in the Material Instances. That means that you can change the summer trees to winter or autumn trees with just changing a parameter in the Material Instance. Moreover you can modify the wind effects like the strength / variation and also the sway amount of the trees. You are also able to add snow and a variation color which will change with the mesh position. Another feature is that the ground plants are interactive. So they will move / bend when the player walks over them. All meshes are pretty low poly so that you can use them in a very large scale. Entire landscapes can be filled with them without great performance losses.

Here is the download link 🙂

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