Modular caves / rocks mini pack by Yoeri ‘Luos’ Vleer

A brand new HQ free modular caves / rocks mini pack by Yoeri ‘Luos‘ Vleer 😀

This pack has been created as a small free version of the full pack that will be on the UE4 marketplace in a few days 🙂 The purchasable pack will have 450 meshes and much more! The promotion video is damn nice I must say! Here is the download link.

This free package will work identical to the big package and contains:

– 1 simplified master material (purchasable pack offers more features).
– 2 new materials. (4096 res, Albedo, Roughness, Normal).
– Few new Material instances.
– 1 new Material function.
– Material for mushrooms + colored material instances.
– 25 new meshes consisting out of 6 modular pieces (I, L, T, X-section, entrance and transition mesh) and 19 prop pieces. (2 Columns, 1 Arch, 2 Floors, 2 Mite/tites, 3 Rocks, 9 Mushrooms).
– 2 maps. (interior and content showcase)


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