Nobiax models converted to ASE format by Achernar, version 2.

My buddy Achernar made us a big surprise at UOF when he post this yesterday 😀

These are a selection of Nobiax meshes converted to ASE format for the UT3 / UDK engine. A second UV map was constructed for light mapping purposes and a custom collision hull was made where appropriate. Most meshes are at 1x scaling.

This pack contains the ASE files ONLY! You need to go to Nobiax page and download his packs. Inside the archive is a ReadMe.htm that contains URL embedded images to re-direct you to Nobiax page so you can get the UV texture maps 🙂 The archive can be download here.

For reference, the first version was posted on Epic forums many months ago. This new pack brings the meshes of Nobiax up to date as of 17th March 2014.

He also made a very well done tutorial that explain how to use Blender to convert models to .ase format for import into Unreal Engine 🙂

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