UOF LP Map Pack 1.1 released!

I’m happy to announce the re-release of the UOF Low Poly Map Pack ! I’m sure you will like even more the version 1.1 of the pack 😀 Grab the pack at UOF or at Epic forums 🙂 Remember that UOF is also on Facebook, which is the sweet spot to keep yourself up-to-date for any UOF project 😉 The maps include in this pack are :

CTF-Jigoku By DarK, Mclogenog and Sébastien Nova
CTF-Rising By DarK
CTF-Tengoku By Mclogenog
DM-Animus By DarK
DM-Atori By Sébastien Nova
DM-Diabolical By Lord PorkSword
DM-Genki By Mclogenog
DM-Unlimited By DarK

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