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WordPress as many great admin tools. One tool in particular show me from which link &/or website my blog is visited. This is very useful because it permit me to discover other blogs which aren’t always related to the Unreal Universe 🙂 It’s good for my general culture since I discover other stuff in life that can make me grown as an individual 😀 In one of the referrer, I found this very interesting Italian blog. I’m happy my homepage is view as a reference for many Unreal fans because the first reason of Stevie’s corner existence is to help the Unreal community 😉

Since I don’t understand Italian at all, I use Google to translate the text. It’s obvious it’s not a really good translation but anyway, you get the idea 😉

Italian post:

Un blog per Unreal
A tutti i lettori appassionati – magari storici – della serie Unreal consigliamo assolutamente di aggiungere ai preferiti/segnalibri del browser quest’ottimo blog di uno dei membri più illustri dei forum di Epic, Stevelois:

Il blog non si limita a trattare dell’ultimo capitolo arrivato, ovvero Unreal Tournament 3, ma riporta anche materiale inerente ad Unreal Tournament 2004 e al vecchio Unreal Tournament del 1999, divenendo quindi un punto di riferimento per questi titoli ormai “crepuscolari”, in attesa che Modder Cove tributi loro tutto l’onore che meritano.

English translation from Google translate :

A blog for Unreal
To all the readers passionate – maybe history – the Unreal series highly recommend add to favorites / bookmarks browser this excellent blog of one of the most illustrious members of the forum of Epic, Stevelois:

The blog does not just deal reached last chapter, or Unreal Tournament 3, but also shows material related to Unreal Tournament 2004 Unreal Tournament and the old of 1999, thus becoming a point of reference for these securities now “Twilight”, in Modder Cove waiting their taxes all the honor they deserve.

So, THX to that Italian blog for linking my site, it’s appreciated 😉 😀

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