DM-Amyrade, my new small DM in the work :)

For those who follow my works, know that I’m working on 2 CTF maps. Which are CTF-Citius & CTF-Fatima. I’m not sure of DM-Citius yet ? Those maps are in the making for more than 1 year now & most of that time is spend on meshing them. CTF-Fatima is mostly done & CTF-Citus at ±40%.

So, you can guess that after putting so much “devotion” in those maps (way to many hours for my taste), I need to take a break on meshing by working on something small, fast to build & for a change, 100% BSP, no SM. Brief ;

DM-Amyrade is a very simple & small map for 2 – 8 players (a bit bigger than DM-Aly), it will be made in few weeks from start to finish between those CTF maps, which I focus on having fun with brushes by using very simple shapes. By making this map, I impose myself some restrictions to see what I can possibly achieve. Those restrictions are :

1. The map must be 100% made of brushes. This is a first for me after few finals maps!
2. No static meshes allowed except pickups, jumpads, movers & teleporters.
3. No terrain allowed.
4. A skydome is mandatory (which is the unique deco SM).
5. All materials must meet UT3 visuals. I mean, using materials based on HD textures with normal maps + detail normal maps.
6. Everything else can be used, like PostProcessing effects, particles, emitters, heightfog actor, decal actors, etc to add dept & atmosphere.
7. Most of my maps took me few months to build. My average is ±8 months. For this one, I wanted to finish it withing 3 months max start to finish.

So, I started to craft the layout this week. My goal is to made it final for April 1, which is my birthday date 😀

I estimate to release alpha 1 in mid-January.

All details are in the map page here.

Slay tune 😉

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